Top 5 Performances: Daffodils and Crustaceans

Tonight is essentially a throwback night.  Round 1 is the 60s then round two is Brit Pop.  Which considering that British Invasion happened in the 60s there will be some serious overlap.  Mentors?  Steven Van Zandt, aka Little Stevie from the E Street Band.  Rockin!


River Deep Mountain High
by Tina Turner 

This was the most fun we’ve seen her have on this stage.  It may not have been as good as my beloved Glee version with Santana and Mercedes, but I agree with JLo that it was great to see her lead a production and have the stage presence to handle a song like that.  She’s making progress!



The Letter by The Boxtops 

Whelp, this was absolutely not my favorite version of this song.  I am also annoyed that he said “she done wrote me a letter.”  It just lost any of the hook the song was supposed to have.  I will not be humming this one tomorrow.  Meh. (Also, how does JLo not know “The Letter”??)



Fortunate Son by CCR 

LOVED her singing this song!  I have never heard a country arrangement of this, but there should be.  And she should cover it on her first album.  She is so entertaining on the stage.  Not going to lie…I’d go see her in concert.



You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling by The Righteous Brothers

Despite the slight awkwardness it was acceptable.  Except Joshua obviously carried the major vocal stylings with Phillip singing backup.




Proud Mary by Tina Turner 

Two Tina songs tonight?  This is some serious nerves these girls have.  It was probably the best Proud Mary we’ve seen on Idol…But it was slightly manic and perhaps what Simon would call “self indulgent.”  Vocals were good, dancing wasn’t quite up to Beyonce standard.



Aint Too Proud To Beg by The Temptations

As much I am not a big fan of the music that he would make after the show, his voice is the best gospel voice that has come out of this show since Fantasia.  This performance was amazing, the vocal was spot on, and I was thoroughly entertained.  Nice work Joshua (and the choreographer!)



Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis

A nice solid performance for her.  Considering her run on the show, she is peaking at the right time.  While I had her pegged for heading home tomorrow, she definitely deserves another week after tonight.




Time Of The Season by The Zombies

Ugh, Phillip is 0 for 2 tonight.  He cannot pull off the falsetto, and his face when he is straining is just painful to watch.  Off key, unexciting, and venturing towards Hot Mess.  Yikes.



Higher and Higher by Jackie Wilson

It was ok – good big voices, they all sang well, but there could have been a more amazing song for them to sing.



You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me by Dusty Springfield

The park benches?  The street lamps?  Did they get the leftovers of a production of Music Man on the  cheap?  It is all a little too much to handle.  But I will try to focus on the vocals.  Which were spot on, btw.  I just can’t get over the park bench couple.  Staging is getting weirder and weirder…



You Are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker

This ballady performance was a great contrast to her first Tina number.  Her voice is perfect and her delivery is insane.  My only complaint is she is getting a bit predictable at this point in the competition.



To Love Somebody by The Bee Gees

OMG.  OMG.  OMG.  I was fist pumping and jumping of my sofa – This performance was amazing, and it was the first time Joshua got the honor of my rewind to watch again (the equivalent of a standing O from me).  I may not love the album he will inevitably make, but in the world of Idol, he is a rock star.

Based on tonight’s performances alone, Phillip deserves to go home and Joshua deserves to win.  While Hollie is making an effort to get back in this thing, there is no way she will be singing in the finale.  Jessica and Skylar both had one solid performance and one ok one.  I would imagine they will both make it through the week, but who knows in this crazy competition.  Personally I am rooting for Skylar to take the crown.  Not sure how realistic this is, but I would love to see her get a hometown visit!
So what did you think?  Tell me I am not crazy to rewatch Joshua (twice.  don’t judge.)
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  • Judyb

    Skykar changes so effortlessly from the trio to a dusty springfield ballad,spot on vocals week after week,solid performer! Seems like a seasoned vet!

  • Gmoore

    You are not crazy! That boy can sing! I have watched the little clip of him singing “Up to the Mountain” during Vegas week about 50 times. I too rewound his performance from last night. The thing that gets me is the emotion and the vocal styling choices he makes. If you are a fan of the art of singing, you cannot help but be blown over by this guy. Bravo and “Play it again Sam!”

    • love2singlalalalala

      As a Singer and Vocal Instructor for over 20 years, when comes to talent, it has no color.  I say this because I am caucasian & Irish.

       Singing is indeed an Art and again, has no color.  You shape the projection of your voice while delivering the song.  Maybe in some cases with Josh the screaming maybe just a little over the top, but  it’s enteraining.  In my observation, it appears that Josh has been through a few things in life (as we all have) so the words and meaning of the song becomes a diary and you began to shape the song to be your own.  The next thing you know, you’ve delivered the song on a whole different level.  Having  the self control to do alibi in a song, fascinating runs and the ability to stay in key and staying on point with the timing, is an absolute gift from God.   This is very rare because this type of talent comes with very seasoned and experienced singers..  This is what amazes me about very young singers that can deliver a song in this magnitude, such as Josh.  I would say the same for Jessica, as well as Phillip.   I do like Skylar and Hollow as well. In fact, I like them all.  All of those contestants will  have a very successful future!!!!

  • LUV3N8

    Phillip Phillips is the artist if they would let him sing and quit having to delve into the 60s and the British Invasion…..CRAZY!

  • love2singlalalalala

    I have watched Joshua performances on Youtube SO many times.  I have NOT been a fan in watching American Idol in the past 4 years until I heard about this kid singing.  Even my husband and mom are now watching because of his amazing voice and they are not fans in watching American Idol.  I do like the other (4) too, but this kid can sing, entertain on stage, and he engages the audience.  I am a singer myself, and his vocal and stage abilities are extremely impressive.  I certainly hope that fans indeed vote for the best talent.  I like Jessica and Skylar as part of the top 3, and I know they will have a nice little future, but Josh is already there.  If he wins, the audience will get it right.  The diversity in his song selection is also admirable.  Good Luck to him and the others.  I wish them all the best!

  • SWAlaska

    I am beginning to think that American Idol should be changed to JOLO IDOL.  I am soooo sick of listening to her talk and talk and her opinions and her opinions and her leading the voter base HER way…. and really JOLO do you think that MAYBE you could let Randy FINISH a sentence before you interupt with YOUR OPINION AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN.

    I am not surprised at all at tonights top 3- since of course JOLO decided who that would be in advance– remember last night — HOPE YOU HAVE THE RIGHT SONGS PICKED OUT JIMMY  regarding Joshua’s performance… 

    My opinion?  I won’t by the Whitney/Beyonnce wanna be records– 16 going on 35… not original and her voice is good as long as she is howling.  Sexy at 16 is creepy and pornographic.  Not a good role model for my kids.  Her voice is BORING.  

    I won’t buy Joshua’s records- sounds like I am back in Fonzi days.  I think he might be good at gospel, maybe, but everyday– sounds like what we have heard. Can’t beat Luther Vandross.

    I might buy Philips CD, depends if he can sing songs that don’g sound all the same.

    I WILL buy Holly’s CD, since she is versatile and just wants to sound like herself , which is REALLY good. 

     Minus  JOLO shaking her head in disgust when she prevailed over Skyler. Must KILL her to know that she wasn’t able to throw her influence in EVERYONE’s face.. although she would tell you just exactly how she feels about YOUR opinion without giving you a word in edgewise if she could get in front of the WORLD’s face.

    I WILL buy Skyler’s CD- full of energy and vibrant… 

    Let’s see how the market handles — JOLO’s picks..

    • Corbin Salizar

       Wow, someone who thinks like me =)  I agree that Holly is great and has been throughout the whole show (much better than everyone seems to give her credit for).

      Skylar is great also.   I actually like Jessica, too… but she’s slowly dropped from the top, to 3rd place overall for me.
       If you ask me, the 3 girls should have been the final three.  Unfortunately, it seems the judges have convinced everyone that Joshua is the best thing since sliced bread (I can’t stand him) and all the little teen girls are voting for Phillip (trying to get the 5th generic white guy with a guitar to win in a row I guess).

    • Anthony Purpura

      To SWAlaska — THANK YOU SO MUCH! I feel that way too! I pick my official favorite of the year and this year I picked Hollie as my fave.    I have loved so many of her perormances and Hollie always brightens my day with her singing or just showing her wonderful personality and I am super ecstatic she is in the Top 4!  But I might just have a heart attack with all these bottom 3 appearances.  5 is tied for the record and she totally doesn’t deserve them, ESPECIALLY the last 3 in a row.  Notice how she had to go first 2 out of the last 3 weeks.  But with Jessica on the save,  People all over really getting aggravated with the overhype machine made for Joshua, and Phil being on a general decline the last several weeks ,especially the last two,  and even more especially this week, he seems ready to crash, vftw be darned.She is the farthest pick I have ever gotten with, except with my pick from The X Factor Melanie Amaro who out of 12 finalists and 8 weeks of voting(3 double eliminations including finale), won!   If you saw the show, tell me how you feel about her, IMO, deserved victory.  If you didn’t see it, here’s all you need to know.  Nicole Scherzinger = JLO + more power to make stupid decisions which she did.  Even she knew she made a big mistake Top 5 week.  At least she got fired and I don’t have to see her abysmal judging anymore!  But  backto the point,  I think Hollie is the best person to win of all the 13 finalists and if you could help  mespread the word to vote like crazy and as many times you can next week (and the two weeks after) so we can see her soar above the others as she deserves to, that’d be awesome!  Come everyone, spread the word to vote like crazy for Hollie Cavanagh!

  • Corbin Salizar

    Another person  who thinks that Joshua is better than he really is =(  I can’t stand his voice, and can’t stand his “singing”.  When he actually sings, he’s not too bad, but he rarely just simply sings a song… he goes nuts and I personally find it HORRIBLE. Almost every performance, I find myself reaching for the remote to fast forward through his crap… and the judges crap that follows.

    In my opinion, he should have gone home a long time ago.

    • Ana

      I agree with you 100%! Can’t stand all that screaming, and neither the judges drooling over it. I love J-Lo, but she doesn’t know music if it’s not commercial pop.

    • SWAlaska

      I agree! Joshua’s screeching is nausiating.  I fast forward through his songs too. He can’t seem to sing a song without the screeching somewhere in the middle of it. 

       I think Holly and Skylar will  sell more records- but of course Skylar was most likely voted off since they had country singers last year make the top 2.  I am REALLY tired of these judges and their “favorites” .   I think it is time for new judges.. I miss Simon’s honesty. 

    • Cookie5455

      Maybe you need to close your mouth!!!!!!!

  • Jamie

    LOVE JOSHUA. So glad to find a reviewer who agrees.

  • Take it Easy

    Wow, really? People, the final group are all terrific unique singers with musical stylings that cross the spectrum. Just because someone has an opinion that differs from yours or a musical style that you don’t like does not make that person an idot or any of the other horrible things that many of you have been accusing them of being. The reason that the top 4 are who they are is because they are all good. Take it easy people. It is a singing contest not a hate-fest. Holy Crap!

  • Echos50000

    I cannot believe Phillip Phillips has the spot in the top four over Skylar and Elise. Every year I see this happen where someone who doesn’t have the talent that the others have, stays in the running. Come on America. This guy has had no flavor, He sounds the same in every song he sings. I always think of the movie scenes that are in slow motion when this guy performs. I sure hope he doesn’t make it to the top three.

  • Slk57

    I wish the show would get rid of Randy Jackson, I’m so sick of him and his “YO DOG”. I feel sorry for Holly, the judges all seem to pick at her. I find if the contestants don’t scream when they sing, the judges don’t like them and that seems to be the case with Holly.  She has the best voice on the show.
    American Idol…..please fire Randy Jackson!!

    • Gmoore

      Be real. Holly does not have the best voice in the show. That is just fact. You might like her tone or her personality more, I’ll give you that, but not voice. She has become popular as the options dwindle but she is not the best singer and does not have the best voice.

  • Echoes50000

    I cannot believe Philip Philips made it to the top three, he has done nothing to earn the spot there. Watching his performances is like watching a re-run of a sitcom. Same thing every week, boring, never reaches for the stars with his voice and he doesn’t because he can’t sing like the rest of them can. Holly, Sklar or Elise should have been in that spot. They were what is called talented. and a joy to listen to. I just don’t get it, absolutely despicable to see him in the top three and not holly. He doesn’t even try to better himself, like holly did, that is an american idol to me, someone who WORKS at being better than they are. Something PP has never done. 



  • Cookie5455

    Joshua ledet is the best voice that has ever been on american idol and they let him go shame on them!!!