California Dreamin’ (Top 4)

After Miss Skylar’s untimely ouster last week, each of these kids needs to prove they deserve to be here.

Tonight’s theme is California and Songs You Wish You’d Written.  Didn’t they already do inspirational songs week.  Running out of themes, Uncle Nigel?


Have You Ever Seen The Rain by CCR 

Two weeks in a row Idol rocks the CCR.  For Phillip, he seems so awkward without his guitar.  I can’t imagine he would ever perform without it in the real world.  I’m glad he mentioned in his video package that Time of the Season was a rough go last week.  This was much better than that, even though it was kind of awkward.



Faithfully by Journey 

I really wanted to like this song for her, but she didn’t show any range and her runs are way too calculated.  She needed to (in the words of Randy Jackson) SLAY it.  And I don’t think this song did it for her.  Technically proficient (per usual), but not her moment.



You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban

It was good, there was the choir, blah blah blah.  It was going to be hard to top last week, and I don’t think that quite happened with this performance.  But some of those runs at the end?  Those were outstanding!  Overall great but not as good as last week.



Steal Away by Etta James

Well, round one goes to Ms. Sanchez!  It was so great to hear her voice doing a bluesy jazzy piece.  Very fun, and she does it with such ease and maturity beyond her age.  Very impressed with her so far.



This Love by Maroon 5

Well it was better than their duet last week, but a little awkward. The bi-racial pianos matching the bi-racial duo were a bit much for me. Again, Joshua carries the vocal stylings of this matchup (but Phillip brings the squealing girls)



Eternal Flame by The Bangles

OMG they are on swings. I will call this Cirque du Duet. They had better harmonies than the guys, but the whole thing was way off. Next…



Waiting by Foreigner

They are asking so much of these kids for the performance shows.  This number seemed very unrehearsed again.  I can’t blame them…it was probably thrown at them this morning.  The whole thing was worse than a Ford commercial.



Volcano by Damien Rice

Jimmy may think Phillip came into his own this week, I, for one, am pretty sure he still sounds like Dave Matthews. That said, this is one of his best performances and is the most I have enjoyed him in weeks.



I Can’t Make You Love Me by Bonnie Raitt

Remember when Carrie auditioned with this song?  That with no instrumentation was insanely better than this.  All of the progress I felt she made these last few weeks was out the window on this performance.  It was very robotic.



A Man’s World by James Brown

I’ve been listening to Kat McPhee’s version from Smash on repeat for the last week.  Joshua’s performance, however, was just out of control.  In a good way.  Wowzers.  (Still love him more from last week, but this is pretty close!)



And I Am Telling You by J Hud/Jennifer Holliday

OMG.  Best performance of this song on Idol.  A-freaking-mazing.   Her passion is insane and emotions are raw.  i don’t know how she gets this emotional maturity but she has everything that Hollie lacks.


Jessica definitely wins the night. Wow.  Joshua was a close second, but Jessica takes the cake this week.  I realize that with the idol voting demographic, Phillip will likely win, but Jessica and Joshua have some seriously amazing vocal chops, and I can’t wait to see what they do after this show is over.  Additionally, I think it is a pretty sure thing that Hollie will finally meet her journey home this week.

I’m just going to throw out a thought (Spoiler Alert: It’s my newest epiphany)…Instruments were not allowed to be played on idol until Season 7.  Before they were allowed, women were 4 of 6 of the winners.  Assuming Phillip wins (which seems to be what people are predicting), after instruments were allowed, the ladies are 0 for 5.  Plus, all of the guys who won (or will win) play guitar.  I don’t know what this means.  Perhaps we need to give ladies more guitar lessons?  Maybe they should try another instrument-less season and just focus on singing?  Not really sure, but ponder this and then respond in the comments.  Would LOVE to know what you think.

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  • SWAlaska

    Just got done watching idol.  Still feel the same way. Joshua SCREECHES and I won’t want any of his screeching cd’s.  Philip won my heart when I can now finally hear his range and love his last two songs. Hollie is still  my favorite- much like Carrie Underwood- she will sell more cd’s and will sing something contemporary. This reminds me of past American Idol’s where the ones they love never go anywhere after.  Remember Casey last year when the judges LOVED him.  OH well, at least JLO shut up and Randy could finally speak without her interuptions.  I am NOT even watching if the last two are the last SCREECHERS.  JESSICA’s voice must sound better in real life – cause I can’t stand it.

    • Idolfanagain

      Bitter? Your fave is going home that’s why you’re bitter…lol!

      • SWAlaska

        no not bitter- been watching since Kelly Clarkston.  This was the worst I have seen.  I have predicted the winners every year and missed only Taylor and Rueben… and look where they are.

        I think Joshua and Jessica are awful and I can’t imagine who will buy the cds— maybe all that howling will work on stage, but no t on the radio.

        I think this year is being led by biased judges..  I watched the voice and I agree with the comment that Joshua copied Juliette

  • SWAlaska

    I wrote the comment below before Jessica finished her last song.  I just muted my phone.  Now she is trying to sound like Joshua– SCREECHING….

    • Rachel

       Agree. Her voice is beautiful when she avoids the guttural sounds. I didn’t like her performances this week.

  • Nancy Meier

    Yes, there needs to be more female winners to create equity in this show or I’m going to give it up in disgust.  Maybe adding the guitars made the difference and should be taken off to allow them to focus only on singing–thanks for that perception.

    I loved Jessica and Joshua tonight–great passion and creativity.

  • Nancy Meier

    Another idea I read was to give the Judges more voting power compared to the American public, which may be swaying the votes with a huge number of one demographic, teenage girls who vote for cute white boys…like Philip Philips.

    • Laura LaLiberte

      I like how they do eliminations on X Factor where America decides the bottom two, then the judges vote on who goes home.  On X Factor they have deadlock because of the even number of judges, but on Idol, that isn’t an issue (as long as they keep three judges.)

      You are right that there needs to be some sort of check and balance to America’s vote because things tend to take on a life of their own.

    • Luv3n8

      Teenage girls buy music….they did for Elvis and The Beatles.  Tell me looks don’t matter.  I beg to differ.

  • Beththal

    Crystal Bowersox played the guitar and sang the heck out of Lee DeWyze…I really think it is the tweeny-bopper girls voting for the cute guy over the gal who can “take” the cute guy away from them… this year may work in our favor…I do love Phillip Phillips!!

  • Thomas Garland

    when joshua,sang ,it’s a mans world-the same song,juliett sims sang on the voice,i think it was a copy of her. as a watcher of both shows.dont even think he could,come close to her performance.jessica rocks,as the idol winner as far as i am concerned.home musican andfan of A.I.

  • Billsharllc

    More wormen are voting than men. I always like the ladies over the men men but I never vote and I doubt I would vote for hours on end. Having said that, for this year’s idol and this group of four contestents it comes down to what you like. I believe Jessica is the best and Joshua second but I would listed to Hollie first on the radio first and then Philip. Jessica and Joshua don’t do my kinda music. After idol, they need good songs to become stars….I.E. where have all the other idols gone?


  • Roiennoarguez

    PP will win, fine with me.. well see what will happen to them when they’re on their own. Jessica will have a very good career..  im betting on that..

  • Nathalievanegten

    hollie was’t that bad on her 2nd song. and how come philip didn’t get a so while jessica who was sceaming the whole time did.