Hollywood Part 1- THE BOYS! (Season 12)

Oh Hollywood Week, how I love thee. The awesomeness and the trainwrecks all wrapped up into one. This year, Hollywood has been separated by gender – the boys are up first this week, with the girls to follow next week.

First round, per usual, is 10 seconds a capella, sudden death eliminations to follow. Then, for the first time, the producers form the groups…at least that eliminates 20% of the drama! But lets get down to the performances, shall we?

The first group of Nick Boddington (who is back from last year) Mathenee Treco, Mattheus Fernandes, Gabe Brown sang Somebody to Love. They were fantastic! Especially Gabe…I was worried that he had no control of that crazy voice of his, but I think he does….rock on, man!

Next up, the group known as Normal HillJohnny Keyser and Kareem Clark and friends sang I'll Be There and it was a trainwreck!

Charlie Askew, Curtis Finch Jr. and an unnamed group member sang the Lazy Song, and it was ok, but slightly erratic at times. Curtis is just awesome, though.

The Four Tones, including Micah Johnson, Vincent Powell, Marvin Calderon, and David Willis sang I'm Coming…I just love Micah, I think his voice is amazing. Up next is Zach Brannum, Nate Tao, Cortez Shaw, Elijah Liu sang Some Kind of Wonderful. It was pretty good, but nothing to write home about.

B Side, which included Gupreet, sang a horrendous version of Payphone, and somehow miraculously they all got through. Nicki fought for the entertainment over the voice, which sets a bad precedent!

Burnell Taylor, Darien Moses, Tony Foster, Jr., Mario Jose, also sang Some Kind of Wonderful. This group was great, actually. They seemed to hamonize well.

Super 55 including Lazaro Arbos, Josh Stephens, Scott Fleenor, Christian Lopez sang The Beach Boys, and it was a little bit of a mess. And then they begin their post-performace-damage-control-whining…We didn't know the song! I mean, then pick a better song. No excuses, boys!

Country Queen Joel Wayman, Jda, Trevor Blakney, and Lee Prichard sang some Xtreme, and pretty much butchered it (Except Jda, who glammed and glittered it out, obviously.)

The group DKSK — which includes David Leathers Jr.! He's back! OMG, I am so happy about this, I fist pumped at the TV. He was one of my favorite contestants last year who got cut way too early. Hopefully he will move through again! His group sang Billy Joel and he and Sanni made it through.

The last group of the day included Papa Peachez and Frankie sang American Boy, and in the words of Mr. Peachez, was a hot mess. Srsly.

The Thursday night episode picked up where we left off on Wednesday with the beginning of the boys solo performance day!



Paul Jolley

Blown Away by Carrie Underwood

Dude had some pitch issues, and his emotions were a hot mess. Despite this, he makes it through, though I have no idea why.

Curtis Finch Jr

Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri

I like him, I hate this song, and I didn't think he sounded particularly good with it. Fortunately we get to hear him again, but I hope we hear him singing something different.


Devin Veliz

Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong

We haven't seen much from this kid yet, but his performance was pretty solid! Not sure if he really has star power, but at least he is plesant to listen to.

Gupreet Singh Sureen

Georgia On My Mind by Ray Charles

Really, you can't go wrong with this song choice – it is so awesome. Maybe it is hollywood week good luck? I recall Matt Giraud having a great go with this one, too! Good for Gupreet!

Jimmy Smith

Landslide by Stevie Nicks

Pretty great performance, although nothing outstanding. Great song choice, though! I always give props for anything Fleetwood related. Will they be having F-mac week this year? They are going on tour after all…

Nick Boddington

(I completely forgot to note what he sang!)

He played keyboards! This kid is amazing–His tone is so clear! I remember him from last year, but not as being a standout. This performance just made him one to watch. Boddington, ftw.


Charlie Askew

Somebody I Used to Know by Gotye

Well, Nicki seems to be a fan, but I think he needs a little bit of guidance. Coaching? Styling? Teeth Whitening? Maybe Nicki could refer him to her dentist? I don't see what Nicki sees, and his voice just plain can't hack it. I think he will be a casualty sooner rather than later.

And really? We have to end with a Jar of Hearts medley? Ugh, Nigel don't you know I hate that song? Unfortunately at the end, we also find out some of the casualties of the last day. I am actually pretty appalled. Micah Johnson? He sang I Told You So by Randy Travis. I love this kid. Love. Him. His voice is so natural, I love that he sings country, because his tone is perfect for that.

I am seriously SHOCKED that he got cut.

Really, ugh.

…he better surface next season. Other tough losses? Sanni? Gabe? REALLY? Idol, you are randomly eliminating my favorite boys. Stop the madness!

Maybe I will have better luck with my favorite girls next week. I'm looking forward to the cattiness and claws, but also some amazing group performances.

So what do you think? Were you also appalled at Micah's elimination? Or think Charlie needs invisalign? Let me know in the comments!


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  • Gretchen

    I liked that they were assigned groups – that was always SO awkward.  It allowed the focus to be on the music.  The most shocking elimination for me was Gabe – I thought he was fantastic and fit The Rocker role.  I agree with you about Charlie – gawky and unusual – but maybe that’s what they are looking for??