Top 40 Revealed!

Tonight I am HOPEFUL that we will see awesome performances. And according to the Jordin Sparks intro, Idol is selling this season on girl power, too. Let's go, Hollywood!

Angela MillerSet Me Free (original) – So she sang an original and played the piano with the band, and sounded awesome! She is 18, and not only does she have great songwriting ability but the chops to back it up. Like Taylor Swift but better? I like this girl. And I agree with Nicki, that Angela was not really on anyone's radar until she walked out on stage and made a name for herself. That is called bringing it!

Candice GloverThis Girl Is On Fire by Alicia Keys – I think she is becoming good old reliable Candice. She comes out there every time and hits it out of the park. Her runs are effortless, the works great with the band, works the stage well, and is just basically awesome.


Janelle ArthurI Told You So by Carrie Underwood – Solid vocal, she knows who she is, and she is adorable yet relatable. She could fit the country role this year.

Zoanette JohnsonBa-ba-ba-ba (original) – omg, hot messy mc messes a lot. But girl did her thing and is making it to the next round. Would Nigel really let her on live tv?

Melinda AdemiPrice Tag by Jessie J – Great, energetic, but didn't have the best voice. She is definitely an entertainer, and I can appreciate that.

Kree HarrisonStars by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals – She had some great moments in that song – fantastic!






And it couldn't be a totally happy ending to the night, could it? Of course not, this is Idol. So to make the last of the tough cuts, there was a sing off between Stephanie Schimel and Rachel Hale, and Stephanie (representing from Milwaukee!) gets cut at the eleventh hour. She should have chosen a country song for her final song–I just had a gut feeling that that may have been a better vibe for her. But that cut made me really sad for her.

Now we go through the same depressing process with the boys. Adam Sanders sang Celine and it was a hot mess–he was out of key almost the entire song. Josh Holiday sang Georgia On My Mind and ripped his damn pants on the ground! The performance was great though! But the cuts? YOU CUT DAVID LEATHERS AGAIN?!? REALLY?!? David, I love you, and I will send nasty tweets to Nigel on your behalf. Try out again next year! Third time's the charm, buddy!

And on the topic of tough losses? Kez Ban. But with a shot voice and a bad choice of original song, I think the judges felt they gave her enough chances to redeem herself and she didn't execute. I can't blame them for giving her the boot. Additionally, in her exit interview, she really seemed to be grateful for the experience. She will become a youtube sensation soon enough! Also, we didn't hear much from her recently, but I was rooting for Kiara Lanier. I liked her since her original audition when she sang The Prayer, but we hadn't heard much from her…maybe she failed to impress.

So, who impressed and who failed to impress? Let me know in the comments.

**No pants were ripped in the writing of this blog post**


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  • Gretchen

    SO impressed with Angela Miller. Love her.